Anne Bradstreet To My Dear And Loving Husband Analysis

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Anne Bradstreet, A passionate puritan poet

Anne Bradstreet was a passionate poet that was very devoted to her family, her puritan religion, and her husband. She lived during the early 1600’s and was a part of the Puritanism movement; her poetic style was in her faith. Bradstreet wrote "To My Dear and Loving Husband" and "Upon the Burning of Our House, July 10th, 1666", these two poems are significant because they gave her acknowledgement for her beliefs and granted her themes to be inspirational.

Anne had an excellent education thanks to her father’s high position, she soon moved out of England to the new world in Massachusetts where she learned about puritanism. She did have a hard time adjusting though, “As a New England colonist, Bradstreet
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After her house is burned Bradstreet uses her faith “coping with her fear during the fire and with her intense feelings of loss in the aftermath of the fire” (Constantakis). In “Upon the Burning of our House”, Anne speaks very much of having everything she wants in heaven so it won’t matter what gets lost in the fire. “Bradstreet reveals her terror and describes the way she turns to God for aid; she cries out for help, for the strength to see her safely through the immediate danger.” In her despair she goes to her faith and has hope that she will be safe. Bradstreet portrays a theme of believing very much in her faith and…show more content…
The poem has also been an “indicator of the unevenness of gender roles in Puritan culture, in which the wife is vulnerable and subservient to the husband” (Ruby). Another theme in the poem is how the gender roles in the culture put women below men. “Even though they represent shocking excesses of material fortune in worldly terms, they are worth less to her than the love of her husband” (Ruby). This shows that no materialistic or currency can compare to her husband’s love for her. The poem had a deal of reviews from
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