Anne Bradstreet 's Influence On Me As A Reader

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Anne Bradstreet was the most well-known of early English poets of North America and first female writer in England 's North American colonies to be published. She was also an important Puritan figure in American Literature. Bradstreet wrote many poems such as In Memory of My Dear Grandchild-Elizabeth Bradstreet. Who Deceased August, 1665 Being a Year and Half Old and Upon the Burning of Our House. In Memory of My Dear Grandchild was about her grandchild named Elizabeth Bradstreet who died being a year and half old. Throughout the poem, she mourned for the baby’s death while accepting God’s will. In Upon the Burning of Our House, she talked the burning of her house. This paper would show how Ann Bradstreet’s poems have a positive affect on me as a reader.
Bradstreet wrote about saying goodbye to her grandchild and how much she loved her grandchild in the lines, “Farewell dear babe, my heart’s too much content/ Farewell sweet babe, the pleasure of my eye/ Farewell fair flower that for a space of mine eye/Then ta’ken away unto eternity” (Bradstreet, 105. Lines 1-4). In these lines. she called her grandchild “sweet” and “fair flower” to showed the description of the baby and how much she loved her grandchild to the readers. The grandchild is the pleasure of her eyes and the grandchild was taken away from her into eternity which is heaven. I choose these lines from the poem because it had a positive affect on me as a reader. I also have someone passed away that was dear to me…
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