Anne Bradstreet 's Poem, My Dear And Loving Husband '

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Throughout history women have always taken second chair next to men. Women were thought to be the weaker, less intellectual, and less valuable sex. Many women accepted their position in life, and never bothered to strive for more, however, Anne Bradstreet did. She knew she could be much more than the simple ‘house wife’ she was meant be; she valued herself to be more, and took to poetry as a means of communicating her views on life; not knowing one day she would be the famous female American poet she is today. Even with eight children, Anne Bradstreet found time to express her interests and views by writing in her poetry journal. Out of all her many poems, ‘To My Dear and Loving Husband’ stuck out as, one with a simple message, with hidden meanings throughout.
Though Bradstreet is known as one who made large bounds for her fellow women, the fact that she relies on her husband for a sense of self is present in the second line of the poem. Bradstreet “using the word “man,” not the corresponding term “husband”; this grants him a level of independence from the relationship that she does not give herself (Kelly).” The fact that there seems to be unevenness in the marriage is indicative of the puritan culture. Puritan women are vulnerable and servers to their husbands, not partners as they are thought of today. Even with her role as ‘wife’ Bradstreet is able to challenge many of the stereotypes that women faced during the late 1600’s. “If it was not for the use of poetry,…
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