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Anne Bradstreet's Poem "To my Dear and Loving Husband"

Anne Bradstreet?s poem, ?To my Dear and Loving Husband? presents a beautiful love theme. "Of ever two were one, then surely we" (1). This quotation is important because Bradstreet is pointing out that she does not feel as though she is one individual person. And one of the first questions that come to my mind is if Bradstreet was trying to make a point for all wives to be that way or she felt insecure about her own self. The poem itself portrays a loving wife, but the fact is she sounds like she is afraid to be alone, that her husband is the one who makes her complete, in another words, it makes her be a full person.

Also we see the great value she has for the love of
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That?s exactly what Jeannine Hensley said on about her poems: ?Her poetry is a combination of Sixteenth Century convention, her new-found faith, and her struggle for the survival of her family and her relationship with God.?

Particularly significant to the poem are her references to the wealth that she has, a wealth that is base on her love for her husband and nothing in this earth is more costly that her love. The really love will costs you some pain, and she alludes to the cost with words such as ?recompense,? ?repay,? and the phrase ?heavens repay.? Bradstreet is saying that love is a gift from God, but one that we must work for in order to fully enjoy the gift and its rewards. Her repeated references to life also seem important. It seems she is saying that the love itself has a life of its own that will outlive their earthly life.

The second paragraph of this poem starts, "If ever wife was happy in man/ Compare with me, ye women, if you can" (3-4). This paragraph shows us that she is not only happy with her husband, but she is also reinforcing his knowledge that she is in love with him and that their relationship is based in true love and goes as far as to challenge anyone who could be happier. This poem brings the institution of marriage to mind, and the real emotions and ideas that are usually held by two people when they are married and in love. Also it brings to my attention, from the readings that we done on
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