Vampire Myth Research Paper

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When ancient societies did not understand some unusual phenomena, they attributed it to some mythological creature. They did not know for instance that the reason behind the appearance of fangs is the Porphyria disease. Only scientists did. They did not know for instance that the reason behind lightning is a massive electrostatic discharge between the electrically charged regions within clouds .Only scientists did. Thus, it is this inclination to provide explanations for themselves that led ancient societies to invent a mythological creature like the vampire. It is this same inclination that led ancient societies to attribute lightning to an angry God. Asking a scientific question like “Are Vampires real ? “ represents the real wooden stake that penetrates the heart of this supernatural myth. In truth, vampires have no real existence. Yet, despite the absence of concrete scientific explanations for the vampire myth, the subject continues to fascinate many people generation after generation. For instance, nineteenth century artists and thinkers who do not believe in its existence find the subject very intriguing and see numerous metaphoric possibilities in a mythic creature from the past. Nineteenth century thinkers and artists are using the popularity of the vampire myth to raise awareness of very real and potential anxieties. In nineteenth century Gothic novels, particularly, the vampire figure has been exploited and transformed from myth into a metaphor to
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