Anne Carson Essay

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Kiersten Baxley Professor Shirokova English 1102 12 September 2012 Anne Carson’s Lessons Anne Carson is a very intelligent and well rounded writer. When I first read Anne Carson’s “Short Talks”, I was seriously confused. At first, I thought she was an abstract writer that wrote just to write. But then I took a second look at her work and realized there was much more to it than just crazy jumbled ideas. “Short Talks” is a mixture of many elements. It has argumentation, facts, personal opinions, and an unconventional way of writing. As I was rereading the “Short Talks”, I noticed names, facts, and a lesson to go along with each “Short Talk.” This persuaded me to do some research so the stories would start to make more sense. After…show more content…
Elektra took this very hard, so she and her brother Orestes plotted revenge against her mother and step-father. Elektra’s father had been against things like this, but Elektra became so bitter she began to commit many crimes. So this short talk helps us decide between what is major and minor in our life. This helps to keep from overreacting over the small things in life. Another lesson comes from the short talk “On Reading.” This takes the reader back to their childhood. No, not everyone enjoys reading, but it is also great for you. In this short talk I got the imagery that this little girl was on a road trip with her parents, her father does not enjoy reading but she does. So while on the way to their destination, she reads Madame Bovary. While reading she takes a moment to look around at the sights passing through the window. This just gets the reader to truly think and assess the way they perceive the way they view reading. Having someone who enjoys reading, and someone who finds no pleasure in reading is what makes the world go round. Not everyone appreciates, or finds interest in the same things, but do not discourage anyone if you have no interest in it. If I were to write some short talks I could use an Anne Carson-like writing style, or writing that flows eloquently. I would try to help the reader to understand what is being said, but to also think about what is before them. I would include an introduction in my short talks
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