Anne Frank And The Book Of Night And Anne Frank

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The play of Anne Frank tells the story of Anne and how her family survived the time they did in the Holocaust. In this play, Anne and her family move to an annex along with some of their friends where they have trouble getting along at first, but as the play goes on they begin to adjust. While the play of Anne frank is the story of a teenage girl’s life during the Holocaust, the book of Night is the story of Elie Wiesel who is a teenage boy’s life during the Holocaust. In Night Elie lives in the concentration camps and must work while receiving small rations of food. Although the play of Anne Frank and the book of Night differ in religious beliefs and family relationships, both focus on surviving the Holocaust and staying close to their families. In the play, Anne and her family live in an annex that is hidden by a book shelf. During the day they have to be extremely quit to keep from being heard from the men working below, although some of the employees help them survive. In the book Night Elie lives with his father in different concentration camps, they have to work and run during the day and although it is cold they have very few clothes. Some of the workers also try to help them thus they do not survive. Despite the differences in the settings, they are both terrified and wish that they could go home with their family and friends. In the play, Anne talks to Peter about her belief in God. She says that when she’s scared and thinks she couldn’t possibly live with everyone for one more minute she looks at the sky and they trees and thinks about animals. She finds her place with herself and with God. In Night, Elie loses his religion due to what his race is dealing with and believes that God is leaving them to suffer. He does not tell his father of his decision though, because he is afraid it will upset him and it may also be the only thing keeping him going. Although Anne and Elie have different religious beliefs, they both celebrate the jewish holidays. In the play, Anne has a special bond with her father and at one point she tells him he’s the only one she loves. She does not however have a good relationship with her mother and often makes her upset. In Night, Elie loses his mother

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