Anne Frank And The Holocaust

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The Jewish and Armenian Holocausts
“More than 70 years after the Holocaust, the horrors of Rwanda, Srebrenica, and Darfur are sobering reminders that preventing future genocides and mass atrocities remains an enormous challenge”(Obama P 3). In the novel Forgotten Fire, Vahan Kenderian shares his experiences through the Armenian War and Genocide, where his family and most of his people were killed. In the book, The Diary of Anne Frank, Anne explains her thoughts and feelings, during some of her teen years, and her experiences through World War Two and the Holocaust. Through the experiences of Anne Frank and Vahan Kenderian, they experience many things that are alike yet different from each other. In 1915, the Ottoman Government decided on
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Anne Frank also had to survive through harsh times like Vahan. Anne Frank was lived in a home where she and her family did not have to worry about problems others did. Once Adolf Hitler became a Dictator and spreaded out his beliefs on the the Jewish race, Anne and her family became scared. She and her family went into hiding in a small little space that was located where Anne’s father worked. “Now our Secret Annex has truly become secret. Because so many houses are being searched for hidden bicycles, Mr. Kugler thought it would be better to have a bookcase built in front of the entrance to our hiding place”(Frank). Mr. Krugler had made a secret room that was located behind a bookcase, where they all could hide. This hiding spot had kept Anne and the others hidden from Nazi soldiers for about two years, but later they were caught and sent to concentration camps. Vahan Kenderian and Anne Frank had very similar upbrings, like having a nice homes, and a plentiful amount of food. Once the Armenian War started for Vahan, and WWII for Anne, they both had everything taken away from including their homes, families, and friends.
One difference between Vahan and Anne, is that they used different tactics to survive the murder of their people. Vahan used a different tactic to survive the Armenian War and Genocide, compared to Anne Frank during World War Two. Vahan had spent almost the entire time during his the Armenian Genocide running and

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