Anne Frank Diary Of A Young Girl

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Anne Frank the Diary of a Young Girl Every child has a story to tell, but none as recognizable as the story of Anne Frank. Her diary was first published in 1947 in Holland by her father and Contract Amsterdam under the title Het Achterhuis. Anne Frank's story is one of the only known recounts of World War II from a child's perspective. Making it not only intriguing for the readers but also quite eye-opening to see how life was for Jewish families during such hard times. Throughout the diary of Anne Frank we are shown brief summaries of events that are taking place in Amsterdam and other parts of Europe. However, we only get descriptions of what Anne hears over the radio. However, this gives the readers an opportunity to see how a young girl reacts to such news while it is happening. It is hard for readers who have only learned around World War II in the classroom to understand the true horror of what took place right outside The Annex where the families were hiding. As the story progresses it is quite clear that…show more content…
This book may not feel as if it is important as you read it, but the emotions and struggles all the Jews faced during this time is important to study, and this diary is one of the best personal documents to analysis to understand the emotional turmoil that took place. They were someone's child, wife, husband, brother sister, they all has lives and loved ones and a story to tell. I find that extremely important to keep in mind when looking at statistics of those who were killed during those times because those people were not simply numbers they were all Anne Franks who just never got the chance to have their story shared to the
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