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An estimated 6 million Jews were mercifully killed during World War Two after being persecuted for many years. One 14-year-old girl wrote a diary showing what life was really like for Jews, which showed shocking and bloodcurdling insights and details. Her name was Anne Frank.

Annelise Marie Frank was a Jew born in Frankfurt, Germany on the 12th of June 1929. She lived at a time when Jews and other ‘non perfect’ races were slowly losing their rights and they were being treated more and more like animals. She was born to her mother Edith Frank and her father Otto Heinrich Frank. She had one eldest sister Margot whom she was very close to. Margot was 3 years elder than Anne. She had a very happy childhood playing with children from all
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In the November, a family friend, Fritz Pfeffe, the family dentist, who was also being hunted, joined the two families. Anne loved having more people to talk to but she resented having to share her room with the dentist. Over the months they spent together, Anne grew closer to Peter Van Pel and they kissed while in the Annex. As they spent so much time together, Anne grew closer and closer to each individual family member and friends and she details them very well in her famous diary.
The fateful moment that shattered the Franks dreams of freedom was early on the 4th of August 1944. German authorities stormed the building after an anonymous tip-off who was never identified. The two families and the dentist were found and taken to the secret Nazi police office where they were all interrogated overnight and they were then took to Westerbrok which is a detention centre. Victor Kugler and Johannes Kleiman were arrested as they had went against the Nazi’s. Kleiman was released but Kugler had to serve in work camps until the end of the war. Miep Gies and Bep Voskuijl were not detained at all and they were the ones who went back to the secret annex and found Anne’s diaries scattered across the floor. They piled them together and hoped to keep them safe until Anne herself was back incase the German Officers came back for another look.
On the 3rd of September, Anne and her group were sent from Westerbrok to Auschwitz and their journey was

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