Anne Frank Family

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Anne Frank, a Jewish child at the time, faced constant persecution from the Nazis and had personal struggles similar to those of other Jewish children. This is an effect from World War Two, since Adolf Hitler from Germany believed that the German race was superior, so during his world domination against the Allied Powers, his immoral notion created devastation among Jews. Each and every family, but especially the Jewish families, was affected by this wave of dictatorship, and although many of them faced death, mostly all faced sorrow. This world-wide crisis reveals the parallel between several Jewish families, like the Franks, and how they were able to cope in their racist community and oppressive setting. Anne Frank, Mirjam, and…show more content…
Anne Frank and Herbert, from “Survivors, both are similar in the aspect of having difficulty obtaining food and supplies, but contrast in the ways of how they executed it. Herbert, in order to obtain food, had to “get up at 3A.M., walk nearly 2 miles to the bakery, work for several hours, then return home for schooling” (Zullo and Bovsun, 42). In other words, Herbert dedicated his whole day just to gain food and knowledge, rushing all over the place. In the end, Herbert’s schedule does not sustain him since he was always limited on his food and supplies. This differs from Anne Frank since she had food secretly brought to her from Miep, an outside companion and helper. Herbert and Anne were both children at the time, but Herbert worked for his own share while Anne still was being nurtured by her family. Another comparison can be drawn from Tante Nel who “resorted to things like mashed tulip bulbs mixed with flour to keep herself and her charges from starving” (Welman). Anne never had to go to that extent, since she and her family always had outside sources to rely on, but at the same time, everybody was always hungry. Tante Nel was a woman who had to take care of children and Anne acted like one of the children Tante hid. She would receive food and shelter, but it was never enough for the guardians or for the children. As a result, gathering food and supplies, normally a small issue, was a constant struggle for Anne, Herbert, and Tante, leaving them hungry and worn
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