Anne Frank Positivity

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You can’t solve problems if you deny all solutions. If you are negative in times of conflict, the enemy has already won. Negativity leads to victimization and you cannot solve your own problems if you view yourself as a victim with no possible solutions. If all combatants are negative in times of conflict, it is not a war to be won. The war becomes pointless, because all combatants start fighting with their own selves. With positivity, solutions can be created, and the rut of negative fighting with one’s self is broken. During World War 2, the truth of this shines through. Rather than give into Nazis and lose all hope, Anne Frank and her family fight in the best way possible: they hide. “So much has happened it's as if the whole world had suddenly turned upside down. But as you can see, Kitty, I'm still alive, and that's the main thing, Father says. I'm alive all right, but don't ask where or how.” (Diary of Anne Frank, July 8th, 1942) Even in dangerous times, Anne Frank kept positive. She refused to allow her oppressors to take her life or her spirit. Anne’s fighting spirit is what kept her alive. Unlike Anne, many Jewish people in this time period kept a sense of negativity, a sense of…show more content…
And as it may be easier to be negative in times of conflict, it is more effective to have a positive attitude. “ Your attitude about a given situation has a huge impact on what you’ll say and do. You can choose to think in ways that can enrich your life or make you miserable. Always remember that you alone make that decision, and it’s one that affects those around you, too.” ( January 3, 2011) If you choose to think in ways that make you miserable- you will be miserable. You may not be able to control the events around you, but you can control the way it makes you feel and how you will effectively solve
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