Anne Frank Response Paper

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In the popular book and story of Anne Frank: The Diary of a Young Girl there are many themes present throughout her journal. It’s a touching piece of literature that puts things into perspective about family, warfare, loneliness, and selfishness. Her diary gives insight about people who are actually living in those circumstances from Anne’s point of view, resulting in a more factual story than fictional novels loosely based on true events. Anne goes through a lot during her time in the Annex, including tense arguments with her family, bombings, thieves, Peter, and Dussel moving in. The events may not seem like that big of a deal in the grand scheme of things, but to a young girl, it’s a huge change of events. It shows a lot from her in the way she acts, Anne’s selfishness proving that stress and war can change people to be more selfish. Anne never complained about her mother until after they moved to their hiding place, when she wrote about it quite often. Her mother is not good enough in her eyes, proven by how Anne is always pointing out her imperfections and flaws. Saying that, “Mummy is frightfully irritable and that always seems to herald unpleasantness for me”(Frank 43). Anne constantly protests about how she is not the perfect mother she has in her mind, leading to the impression that she acts selfish by not thinking about her…show more content…
Dussel first moves to the Annex, Anne is excited that they’re going to have an eighth member in their misfit family. But the excitement was short lived as she realizes that he is moving into her room. Ungrateful thoughts spread through her journal about their new occupant.“I'm not exactly delighted at having a stranger use my things.”(Frank 55). Anne wants the room and the desk all to herself, also getting frustrated when Dussel gets up earlier in the morning to start his daily routine. Anne gets angry a lot throughout her story, thinking the world revolves around her, but it was most likely caused from her
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