Anne Frank Speech

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Topic: Anne Frank

General Purpose: To inform

Specific Purpose: To introduce Anne Frank and talk about her life.


Opening: How many of you heard or read about Anne Frank?

Thesis: Today I will discuss the young and short life of one of the most well known Jewish victims of the Holocaust. Anne Frank was acknowledged for her quality of writing. Her diary is one of the world’s most widely read books and there has been many plays and films written on the basis of her story.

Relevance to Audience: When thinking of this brave 13 year old girl, most think of the Jewish culture, Adolf Hitler, and the Nazi Soldiers of Germany. But of us really know the pain and suffering the Jewish
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IV. Arrest

On the Morning of August 4th 1944, the Annex was surrounded by German Police following a tip off from an informer who was never identified. The Franks including two other families were taken to head quarters where they were interrogated and help over night. On August 5th, they were transferred to the House of Detention, which was an over crowded prison. After two long days of staying in prison they were then transported to Westerbork Concentration Camp. Because of going into hiding, the Franks were known as criminal and were sent to the Punishment Barrack for hard labor.

V. Concentration Camp and Death

On September 3, 1944 the group of Jewish prisoners were deported on what would be the last transport from Westerbork to the Auschwitz Concentration Camp. They arrived after a three day journey. When they arrived the men were forcibly separated from the women and children. There was 1091 passengers and 549 including all children were directly sent to the gas chambers. The other females that were not selected for immediate death, Anne was forced to strip down naked to be disinfected, her head was shaved, and was tattooed with an identification number on her arm.

The women were used as slave labor and Anne was forced to haul rocks and dig rolls of dirt. By night they were crammed into over crowded barracks. Anne became withdrawn and tearful when she had to see young children being
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