Anne Frank Stamina

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We only have little excerpts of what she’s like, but Anne Frank had a very distinct view on the world. That’s what made her so different. Out of these 3 great inspirations, Anne showed the most stamina compared to all of them.

Anne, even through all the obstacles, she still believed in her faith and honor her religion even though it’s why she’s in hiding. For example, on pg 559 of Anne Frank the play, she hands out gifts to everyone for the holidays. As you see, she is still celebrating her religion even in these hard times. Another time is when she gets to the Secret Annex and she doesn’t want to take off and destroy her Star of David, because she still respects her religion and god (pg. 278 Anne Frank the play). Lastly, In the play Anne sings a Hanukkah song even though they are all scared for their lives, showing that she letting her faith come through during hardship (pg. 408). In either case, you can see she was dedicated to the jewish religion and instead of blaming it for her situation. She instead stayed positive.

Anne Frank was very optimistic about believing that
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The first reason why people might think he has more stamina is when, Elie wrote in his book “ we needed to show God that even here, locked in hell, we were capable of singing praises” (pg. 69 of Night). Another reason why some think Elie has more stamina is because on pg. 86 in the book Night he kept running even though he was cold and starving. Even though, Elie showed a lot of stamina in these situations, there was a lot of other instances where he lacked stamina. For example, on page 34 Elie talks about how he lost his faith and hope in the camp.

As you see, Anne does have greater stamina than Elie and Malala, because she was more hopeful and was more in touch with her faith. Overall, Anne had a strong spirit, some have said that she still “had her face” until the day she
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