Anne Frank: Victims Of The Holocaust

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There were many Jews to suffer and die during World War II, under the rule of Adolf Hitler. Although all the victims of the Holocaust matter, there was one in particular that many people still read and learn about everyday. This “one” was a young girl named Anne Frank. She and her family suffered along with many others. Some even lived to tell about it. Although she did not live, she still lives on through her diary. Anne Frank was born on June 12, 1929, in Frankfurt, Germany. Anne lived in Amsterdam with her family during WWII. She lived in a time where Jews were being persecuted by German soldiers (Nazis). Being a Jew, she and her family went into hiding for two years. Anne’s father's name was Otto and mother’s name was Edith. She had one sibling, (a sister) Margot. Her father was a…show more content…
Her parents sent her to the Netherlands after World War I, along with other children who came to recover from Tuberculosis and malnutrition. She liked the Netherlands so much and her parents let her stay with her Dutch Family. She started working with Otto Frank in 1933, and became his secretary. Otto had a trading company, Opekta, making jams. She later met the Frank family and became friends with them. In the spring of 1942, Otto asked Miep to help his family go into hiding. She agreed and Otto, his wife, and kids were well taken care of, because Miep made sure the family had food and other supplies daily. She went into the secret annex, where she hid the Frank family, very often. She also kept the business going. When the annex was invaded by the Nazi soldiers and every one was arrested and taken out, Miep saved Anne’s diary. She hid it in her desk and when the war was over and Otto found out Margot (Anne's sister), and Anew had died in Bergen-Belsen. Miep gave him Anne's diary. Miep stayed linked with the Anne Frank house until she dies, and then declares, “she hopes the organization carries on for
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