Anne Hutchinson: Puritan Prophet Is A Novel That Tells

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Anne Hutchinson: Puritan Prophet is a novel that tells the story of a puritan who fought for religion. She fought for the belief of predestination and of free grace. Hall uses her life to tell the story of religion and how her inspiration got religion to where it is in modern day. He shows us how Hutchinson’s courage to speak her thoughts helped make free religion which was a new concept for the world. Anne Hutchinson fought hard for what she believed in. She faced the humiliation of being banished just so the world can have free grace.
Leader and midwife, Anne Hutchinson, was born in Alford,England. As a child, she learned from her father that questioning religious teachings from the Church of England is an acceptable task. Her father
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As her meetings grew, the magistrates decided that Anne was dangerous to the community. This caused the governor to charge her with sedition and heresy.
After she had been charged, Anne Hutchinson was forced to go on trial in November 1637. Winthrop personally interrogated her and claimed that she was defaming the ministers. Anne was accused of questioning Bible teachings. Hutchinson fought Winthrop to prove his claim. She would answer his questions with challenging questions of her own. In result to her defiance, Winthrop condemned her teaching men in public as “not fitting for her gender.” Anne attempted to defend herself with biblical terms and by quoting Titus. She wanted to make it clear that it was up to the older women to the younger ones. Unfortunately, her fate was decided. Because Hutchinson claimed her revelations came directly from God, it showed that there was a clear case of heresy. The magistrates immediately revealed that she was to be banished from the community.
After her banishment from the colony in 1638, Hutchinson and her husband joined what is now Portsmouth, Rhode Island. In 1632, William Hutchinson died causing his wife to move to Long Island Sound (which at the time was being held under Dutch jurisdiction) so she could avoid persecution from Massachusetts Bay. The local Native American tribe was angered that the new settlers had arrived. In result, they killed Hutchinson and most of her children and
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