Anne Lamott's 'Shitty First Drafts'

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In the Anne Lamott “Shitty First Drafts” article that I read, there were a few things that stood out to me while I was reading. Whether it was how almost no writer can sit down and write a perfect draft the first time, or if it was how sometimes we just need to start typing/writing our first draft just to get going it helped me a lot. I enjoyed learning that many times it’s just getting going that is the hard part, and how the first draft should be crap so that you can continue to better your writing by the third draft. I feel she was trying to accomplish a sense of security for everyone to feel they can write because it isn’t easy, even for the experts.
My initial response to this letter was the fact that I agreed with the points being stated, considering how for me the most difficult part of writing is just starting. I like that she is humorous in the way she speaks and delivers information about how hard it is to write a good first draft, or to just write at all. She isn’t demeaning to anyone who isn’t a professional writer and she doesn’t make you feel that you can’t be a writer. Instead, she helps us
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I need to just start writing even if it is awful, or even if it is hard to get myself to start writing because just the action of doing it and starting to write will help me to be able to write good papers. It will help me to be able to write and to do it because I know I should, and I know I can. I’m glad I read that because it’s good for me to know that other people struggle with basically the same stuff that I struggle with, having a bad first draft, and not wanting to start writing, but to put it off for awhile. Having knowledge now that it’s normal to not have desires to put stuff off, and just write crazy things in your draft, since it isn’t final. But it’s possible if you just commit yourself to it. Then it will most likely work out for the
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