Anne Moody 's Coming Of Age

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Anne Moody’s Coming of Age in Mississippi is a story of a black girl growing up in the American Deep South during the development of the Civil Rights Movement. Moody notices the racism that envelops her life and attempts to understand why it exists, despite the absence of reasonable grounding. Suffocating under the restrictions and fear caused by systematic racism, she ultimately decides to become an activist, and takes an active role in demanding equality and a better life for Black Americans.

Moody’s childhood was riddled with incidents where white people imposed their ‘superiority’ and control over her and other blacks. She sought to understand why American society was structured this way. Moody first begins thinking about this after she is forced away from her friends in a segregated cinema. While her friends were allowed to sit in the main atrium to watch the film, Moody and her family were forced to use a separate entrance and sit behind them on a balcony. Moody noticed that her friends’ whiteness meant they were treated better, but at her age she could not understand why their skin tone made them ‘better’ than her: why their “whiteness provided them with a pass to downstairs in that nice section and [her] blackness sent [her] to the balcony”.1 She became determined to discover what made whites more deserving of better homes and schools compared to those which blacks were consigned to. Moody did not see skin tone as a…
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