Anne Moody 's Influence On A Plantation

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Anne Moody grew up in the south as a sharecropper on a plantation in the postwar south that still had Jim Crow controlling what the black population was able to do and what they couldn’t do. The Moody family was poor and was trying to make a living working for a white farmer. They and the other black plantation workers lived in a tiny two bed shack without electricity and plumbing, while the Carter’s house had both. Anne’s childhood was very difficult when her father decided to leave the family and have an affair with another black women. After this happened Anne, her mother, and her siblings moved around a lot while Anne’s mother, Toosweet, look for work. Eventually working as a waitress and as a maid for white families. Even while the family is struggling Anne continues to do well in school and decides to start working part-time as well to help put food on the table for the family. She was only in fourth grade. Some of white families that she worked for even encouraged her to continue her studies as she got to high school, while others were extreme racists and accused her and her brother of doing things that they didn’t do. As time went on Anne’s mother meets Raymond Davis and start a relationship with each other and Anne starts to enjoy her new life, but starts to get into several conflicts with her mother. It wasn’t until Anne heard about the killing of Emmett Till that she started her activism. “I hated the white men who murdered Emmett Till and I hated all the other
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