Annette Leonard: A Short Story

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Her thick, wavy, short brunette hair wildly falls and encircles her oval face. Covered with freckles, her warm, golden brown tan brings out her beautiful hazel eyes. She has a short stature and a body shaped like a pear. Her personality is just heartwarming. This woman is just so bubbly and knows how to keep a smile on anyone’s face. She is caring and understanding. Also, willing to go great lengths to please and help others. This Special woman is Annette Leonard, and she has been helping me since the summer of 2016. Freshmen year of high school, I met this shy girl Kaci Leonard. We began to grow close and started to become more comfortable around each other, but it was never just Kaci hanging out with me. Where there was Kaci, there was Mrs. Annette also trucking along. I did not mind this at all. Kaci’s parents look at me as part of the family. This woman is not like other moms; therefore, Mrs. Annette is what I…show more content…
Annette’s days off she likes to spend it with her family and drink a little wine. With wine in her system, she gets a little a quirky sense of humor. Everything turns funny to her in her eyes which makes it funny to everyone else. Some days when she’s off she’ll cook and invite friends over and we’ll play cards. However, she always wins. She has the best of luck. Other days when she’s off she’ll just cook a home cooked meal and hang out with the family. Sometimes we’ll watch a movie on lifetime or play pool in the living room, but no matter what we do we have each other to spend time with. Mrs. Annette will forever be a special woman to me since she has changed my life tremendously. She is unique to me because in the summer of 2016 she welcomed me truly into the family. I was homeless and lost with nowhere to go. It was a hard time for me but she helped me through it and gave me a place to stay. But it’s not just a place to stay, she gave me a home. She gave me a home with people who love and care for me. I will forever thank her for
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