Annex, By Anne Frank

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Anne and her family emigrated to Amsterdam from Germany to escape Nazi persecution, they went into hiding in June 1942. Anne Frank is a young Jewish lady who is in a Secret Annex with a few others. Anne is in the Annex with Margot, Mr. and Mrs. Frank, Mr. and Mrs. Van Daan, Peter, and Mr. Dussel. Everyone in the Annex is Jewish. Hitler and the Nazis are trying to kill or put Jews in a Concentration Camp which is the reason why they are in hiding.m They have two people who are helped them survive in the Annex who are Miep and Mr. Kraler. Out of the eight people who were living in the Annex, sadly Mr. Frank was the only person who survived.
Anne probably was the most courage out of everyone else in the Annex. Courage is “the ability to do something
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