Annexation Of Russia In 1914 Essay

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As harmony still permeated throughout Europe this goodwill would eventually falter given the underlying crises that were about to occur when in 1908 Austria proclaimed the annexation of the provinces of Bosnia and Herzegovina, which it had occupied militarily since 1878. This sudden appropriation caused a state of severe international tension among the other countries, especially Serbia in view of the fact that these provinces were mostly Serbian in population. Regrettable this abrupt annexation triggered a tremendous upheaval and outrage from Serbia whose reaction was of pure exasperation since they always looked at Bosnia and Herzegovina as an eventual legacy. Accordingly, because Serbia was for most part a client state of Russia they looked to Russia their ally for help in the matter despite the reality that Russian Foreign Minister had stealthily consented to the Austrian move in return for concessions, but they now decided they must protect. In the summer of…show more content…
Meanwhile after the speeches of welcome the archduke decided to visit the hospital to check up on the wounded.
They took off again for this very purpose, however, the chauffeur unware of these plans took a wrong turn so an aid instructed him to stop the car and turn around, in which Gavrilo Princip one of the assassins, who by chance had drifted into a perfect position fired two shots at them but was detained after. As a result, the archduke opened his mouth and a gout of blood spilled so he turned to his wife to beg her not to die and collapsed after being shot in the neck dying minutes later although his wife who was shot in the stomach was already dead from the internal
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