Annie Concert Report

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Over the weekend my high school put on the musical Annie. I was blown away at how much effort and hard work was put into this musical. Now, my high school has never done a play or musical that even compares to Annie, so it was really fun getting to watch people that I grew up, in a musical that I was very familiar with. This musical was full of great costumes, amazing singers/actors, and real dogs! The set design I thought looked great. I always thought that all the plays and musicals put on by my high school, the set always looked great. The set for this musical was very interesting. It was an allusion, there was 4 openings almost looking like windows with stage curtains painted on them looking like they covered these windows. Then, in the middle there was a “door” with fake stairs going up towards the door. This set was something I had never seen before, so I thought it looked good.…show more content…
They probably looked like what the musical version of them looked like as well, I have just never seen it performed as a musical before. Annie of course wore a red wig which made the girl playing Annie look just like her from the movie. The clothes I thought were spot on, they were older looking outfits, nothing you would see today, but they matched the story perfectly. I thought it was cool that one of the characters was wearing the Statue of Liberty crown. I am always so impressed with high school students in plays or musicals. Especially in this musical, because I knew almost everyone in the musical that I was even more impressed with there acting and vocal abilities because for most of the people I had no idea they were so talented. The actors portrayed their lines in all sorts of ways; seriously, comically, and formally. I was impressed when one of the actors would have to yell, or be sad because I know I would have never been able to be so serious in high school let alone
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