Annie Hall By Woody Allen

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The main protagonist Alvy Singer is a neurotic Jewish comedian who has been getting the psychoanalysis. He frequently looks into the past events to explain his present feelings and actions. Alvy is an unadaptable person who doesn’t change much throughout the film. Another protagonist Annie Hall is a singer. She is a dynamic character who is opposite to Alvy. When Annie sings at the bar, in Annie’s point of view none of the audiences bother to care. The camera keeps changing from Annie’s point of view and audience’s point of view to show the contrast. This symbolizes the struggles in a relationship. In 1977, Annie Hall by Woody Allen won the screenplay award including the academy award for the best picture. The film starts as Alvy’s…show more content…
The direct look to camera was repeated multiple times throughout the film. These style can be easily seen in Bergman’s films wild strawberries. The flashback of past and present exists in one screen and revisit his childhood. This can be seen in Annie Hall where Alby travels back to his childhood. The flashbacks don’t reflect in chronological order. Through Woody Allen’s reinterpretation he developed in his own style and made it into romantic comedy film. Alvy revisits his life through flashbacks, sorts out the pieces of everything back together, look for the reason why he can’t have a successful relationship. At first, he goes through his childhood, but later finds himself questioning his relationship with his first two wives, the good old days with Annie and the episodes of why he broke up with Annie. The reliance on Alvy’s psychoanalytic and the use sex as life’s important motif was inspired by Freud and the flashback develops in Freud’s psychoanalytic perspective. The protagonist talking to the audience and using subtitles was influenced from Godard’s film. The double exposure image which separates Annie’s body and soul was influenced by Akira Kurosawa’s Drunken Angel and the soul symbolizes her true mind. Through the dialogue, it’s able to feel the person’s emotion or personality or mentality. Woody Allen described Alvy’s neurotic personality in the scene where Alvy is waiting Annie in front of the theatre and two
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