Annie Hall Is A 1977 Romantic Comedy Directed And Co Written By Woody Allen

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Annie Hall is a 1977 romantic comedy directed and co-written by Woody Allen. The film takes place in New York City and explores the relationship between Alvy Singer (Woody Allen), an intellectual, neurotic, forty-year-old comedian, and Annie Hall (Diane Keaton), a ditzy and insecure, aspiring nightclub singer. The movie centers around Alvy’s stream of consciousness as he looks back to figure out what went wrong with he and Annie’s relationship. Annie Hall received critical acclaim and won many awards, including the Academy Award for Best Picture, Best Director, and Best Original Screenplay. The movie did well at the box office, setting a new precedent for romantic comedies and is now considered one of the greatest films of the century…show more content…
Alvy visits her family in Wisconsin, but feels out of place and the pair break up. After splitting, Alvy tries to date again, but he gets back together with Annie after she calls him over to kill a spider. Annie’s singing career begins to take off and she and Alvy travel to Hollywood. On the plane ride back, Annie and Alvy split up again, agreeing that their relationship is a “dead shark.” Annie moves to L.A. and Alvy, still missing her, flies out to ask her to marry him. Annie declines. They meet once more in New York, both dating other people now. The film flashes back to better times between the couple and the film ends with parting words from Alvy. He concludes that relationships are ridiculous, but worth going through “because most of us need the eggs” and the credits roll. Annie Hall was produced by Charles H. Joffe, Woody Allen’s manager and was distributed by United Artists. The film’s budget was $4 million and it grossed $38,251,425 in the box office. The movie was developed by Woody Allen and his co-writer Marshall Brickman. The original concept was about a man in his forties exploring his relationship with a young woman, “the concern about the banality of life we all live,” and about his own character. Allen wanted to abandon the safety net of a solely comedic movie in order to explore deeper concepts and although Allen claims that the film is not autobiographical, the commonalities between he and Alvy are obvious. Allen was also

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