Annie McClung

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Here it is seen that McClung is developing and proceeding in her fight to provide equality among the sexes, by allowing girls to participate in sporting games. She was providing her female students with the privileges they rightfully deserve. Furthermore, she again went against the norms of a woman in the nineteenth century by simply being a teacher. All of which making Nellie McClung an example of a strong, feminist activist for other women of her era to follow She successfully taught at Hazel school for seven years. It was also at Hazel school that Nellie met the woman who would make the largest impact on her life, Annie McClung. Annie McClung introduced Nellie McClung to the Women’s Christian Temperance Union, W.C.T.U.. Annie McClung,…show more content…
Another important part of Nellie McClung’s life and ultimately, Canadian history was her role as a suffragist. Nellie McClung fought for the enfranchisement of women, which with its success would give women the right to vote. It was a movement to promote and secure women’s rights. Nellie was one of the first to sign a petition circulated in Manitou (*****-1981). The petition asked for the women’s right to vote. Nellie McClung advocated for women’s suffrage in order for women to gain power, privileges and a voice in their community and moreover, their country. Women’s suffrage was also a means of achieving other social reforms, such as temperance for example, which could be achieved through enfranchisement because women would vote for it. However, there were many people against women’s suffrage. They believed that, God never intended women to vote, it would break up the home and the world would be full of neglected children and women were meant to be mothers and nothing more (****McClung). As a suffragist, McClung took a stand against these ideologies of gender. In order to recognize women as citizens and give them the rights they deserved, such as the right to vote. In 1912 she joined Winnipeg’s Political Equality League, P.E.L., which was one of the most enterprising and successful organizations in women’s suffrage (*****Granatstein). The P.E.L. was originally a response to unfortunate female factory
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