Annie Mcgairy

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Introduction: The first year a young couple gets married can be quite difficult. Being young, courageous, and in love can make you take risks you have never done before. In 1927, Annie McGairy just turns eighteen and travels to meet up with Carl Brown in his up-to-date progressive college town in a Midwestern state. Annie and Carl have been dating for four years and eagerly decided to get married soon after Annie turned eighteen even though neither of their mothers approve. Main characters: Carl Brown is a twenty year old college student studying law. He is very intelligent. Annie McGairy is a eighteen year old woman Plot summary: Because Annie looks so young, when she and Carl were waiting to get married in the town hall in the Midwest from Brooklyn, New York, the authorities ended up delaying the marriage because Annie failed to show permission from her parents to marry. Finally, she shows proof of her birth certificate and soon continues the ceremony, assuming that Annie carries Carl's child already.…show more content…
Author’s purpose: The author’s purpose for Joy In The Morning is about learning to overcome and deal with hardships in life. Annie and Carl stuck by each other’s side during the ups and downs, when they had a few friends, little money, and no one who supported them. They realized that all they needed was each other’s love, loyalty, and their support, to get through in
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