Annie On My Mind Analysis

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Annie on My Mind Annie on My Mind is a young adult novel written by Nancy Garden in 1982 and published by Farrar, Straus and Giroux. It tells the story of Liza and Annie, two girls in New York City who meet by coincidence in the Metropolitan Museum of Art. They become fast friends, and their friendship quickly intensifies into a passionate romance. Though happy and in love, Liza and Annie struggle with how they will be perceived by others, eventually culminating in them being discovered during an intimate moment, and Liza is threatened with expulsion. The story is a framing device for Liza, now at MIT, writing unsent letters to Annie about what happened to them during their relationship, and eventually comes to terms with her own sexuality. Annie on My Mind was hugely progressive for its time and important to me, personally, for being a novel written by a lesbian, intended for young women struggling with their sexual orientation, and showcasing a happy ending between the protagonists. For an English major, I think this novel would be an excellent representation on how LGBT fiction moved forward from either being considered as “pulp fiction” or only being allowed literary significance if the story had a tragic end. Even today, Annie on My Mind stands out for its happy ending. I see so much tragic fiction with LGBT elements aimed directly at heterosexual consumers, for them to take part and indulge in our lived pain and experiences without having to acknowledge the actual
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