Annie Sullivan Character Analysis

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Here in the South, it is rare to even acknowledge lower class members with a simple word of greeting, not to mention hiring a Yankee as a teacher. Miss Annie Sullivan is a Yankee instructor who gifted my deaf-blind daughter with vision and the ability to communicate. Most significantly, she also opened my eyes, to see that the inexplicable sense of superiority of us Southerners over the Yankees is absolutely absurd. I still recall my wife’s shattered cries on the cursed night, as it rewinds itself in my sleep night after night. To grasp that the angel girl I flew in the air days ago may not even recognize me as her father anymore is truly devastating. However, Miss Sullivan, who I expected to be an ill-mannered, vigorous Yankee, conducted a miracle before of my very eyes.…show more content…
When Helen spelt ‘Papa’ into my palm, I realized that Miss Sullivan is no other than a miracle worker. From this, I gained a genuine respect for her, along with her people. Not only did she grant Helen the gift of language, but also clarified that it was our pity as parents that obstructed Helen from
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