Annihilation of Caste by Dr.Ambedkar

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Annihilation of Caste: One More Look by Dr. L. Jawahar Nesan
1. Prologue
2. The evolution of the caste system and its current status
3. Annihilation of caste: the old thesis
3. Annihilation of caste: the New theory
4. Who should lead the revolution?
5. Post-revolution integration
I am neither a sociologist nor an anthropologist but a student of the human society and for being that I leave the choice to the readers that they can assign me under any terminological category as they wish. However, I must clarify what prompted me and compelled me to touch the issue of 'caste' although all my academic education were pertained to 'engineering and technology'. Much abler and more profound pens have analysed the issue of
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If a component of a human system deviates from its duties it is supposed to discharge or works against the interests of the other components then it will endanger the very existence of the human system. To illustrate this, a terrorist component (group) being equipped with wrong motives against the human system will undertake all activities to fulfill its motives resulting in the damage of the system. The sociological term for the human system is 'society'. The human society is supposed to be comprised of several components or classes characterised by certain common creed, ethics, communication, love and affection and that with the embodiment of such characters the components are bound to be organic in nature rather mechanistic. The organic nature suggests that the components or classes are open to the society, as the society (environment) changes the components shall also change so that the components will transit to the changed environment as intact because of the existence of fraternity and communication amongst them. This means if any of the components is not organic or not allowed to be organic within the society then its isolation by, deprivation of or disintegration from the society is irresistible. The mechanistic nature, in other words the endogamic character, of the society assumes a closed setting, where the classes dissociate themselves from the other classes within the same

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