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Mariani, B. (n.d.). The Effect of Mentoring on Career Satisfaction of Registered Nurses and Intent to Stay in the Nursing Profession. Nursing Research and Practice, 1-9. Mentoring plays a crucial role in the growth and development of novice nurses. It provides a way for the experienced nurses to give back to the profession and helps them play a significant role in the formulation of a new nurses’ career. Mentors offer knowledge, encouragement, support, guidance, and friendship to the next generation of caregivers. In her study, Marian wanted to see if there was a connection between mentoring, job satisfaction, and retention. Practicing nurses were selected randomly to be mailed surveys to complete regarding mentoring and its’ effect…show more content…
There is a declining number of nursing educators, and the article stresses the importance of faculty to train and educate new recruits. Management is another area the article focuses on and encourages nurses to enter administration to improve patient care, advocacy, and outcomes. Roberts points out that the needs of the aging nurse focuses on benefits and retirement and preserving the nursing profession. The article touches on nurse-patient ratios and states that currently only California has formal legislation addressing this issue and that it has improved staffing and attracted many new nurses to the state to practice. Roberts eludes to a new nursing field that is emerging related to the environment and that nursing schools will have this to their curriculum in the future. The Green House Project mentioned in this article where older people live together in an 8- 10 unit setting where they receive care and assistance in a home-like environment. Nurses are the obvious choice to run these units and that many nurses currently run and operate nursing agencies. Roberts talks about a physician shortage that will worsen by 2030 and feels that nurses need to enter into Acute Care Practitioner programs to help fill the gap. Although this is not a research article, I felt it stresses the importance of recruitment and retention. It also discusses the many avenues that a nursing career can take and the

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