Annotated Bibliography: All Quiet On The Western Front

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Ars Moriendi
The complete ensemble gathers to pray and mourn Pius’ passing.
Tone is drumming like a military march to symbolize the start of WWI.
A bells tolls throughout. Pius sings with labored breath, taking air after every phrase.
Ensemble: oh-oh-ohhhh-oh-oh

Pius (Tim B.): I can feel death’s cold touch knocking on the door. (drum tattoo)
I can hear the German boots marching on the floor.
I could have been more generous, done more for the poor.
I fear I haven’t done enough,
To help us weather this war.
There’ll be no maudlin clinging
To this mortal form.
Those who follow the Lord
Will be reborn. We’ll be reborn!
In death, I trade this tiara for a crown of thorns.
We enter a new era
But no need to weep or mourn.
(Harmonizing ohhs – Whitacre
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