Annotated Bibliography And Outline. Malik, S. (2012). A

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Annotated Bibliography and Outline
Malik, S. (2012). A Study of Relationship between Leader Behaviors and Subordinate Job Expectancies: A Path-Goal Approach. Pakistan Journal of Commerce & Social Sciences, 6(2), 357-371.
The quality of an organization 's products and the performance of the managers are instrumental in the success of the organization. It is worth noting that the manager 's leadership style has a fundamental relationship to an organization 's success because the decision made by the managers determines the success or failure of the organization. The article presents groundbreaking information about the relationship between the leader behavior of the corporate managers and the job expectancy amongst the subordinates. Due
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It contributes significantly to the literature on the leader-member exchange (LMX) and the organizational citizenship behavior (OCB). Through the relationship identification model, the scholars propose an alternative mechanism for relating LMX to OCB. The mechanism is ingrained in the identification process rather than the reciprocal exchange process. The social exchange theory has been the traditional basis for understanding the relationships between LMX and OCB. The supervisors offer valuable inducements that include rewards stretching beyond the identified formal job description to the subordinates for the high-quality dyads. To ensure a balanced exchange relationship, the assistants go beyond the formal responsibilities and engage in OCB. Other than the traditional formal reward of the followers by the leader, it is necessary that the leader offers emotional support to the subordinates. This may make the members develop loyalty to the leadership than the organization. From multiple studies, the scholars have supported their argument and identified that the leader has a role that is reflected in the subordinates’ self-concept. The use of diverse and unbiased study participants adds to the relevance of the research in linking the LMX to the OCB through the identification theory.
Van Dierendonck, D., Stam, D., Boersma, P., De Windt,
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