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Annotated Bibliography
Almonaitiene, J. (2011). Motivating Employees in Small and Medium Business Enterprises in the Context of Intense Workforce Emigration. Social Sciences, 72(2), 7-15.
Based the Hertzberg’s Hygiene and Motivating theory, the author of this article collects data showing that the incomplete motivators may be the reasons why the workers and employees are not satisfied at work and decide to leave and emigrate. Data also show that opinions concerning hygiene and motivating factors are very different amongst the employees with different age, educational level and work position. In general, Almonaitiene’s research matches Hertzberg’s dual factor theory. In order to retain employees, employers need to find out what are the hygiene and motivating factors for different employees. This research helps my essay in small business motivation issues and provide suggestions on motivating factors in small businesses.

Balkin, D. B., & Gomez-Mejia, L. R. (1984). Determinants of R and D compensation strategies in the high tech industry. Personnel Psychology, 37(4), 635-650. doi:10.1111/j.1744-6570.1984.tb00530.x
The author and researcher collect data on motivations at R&D department staff at the high tech companies. The study and research evaluate the data from several aspects: sample, operational measures, high tech vs traditional firms, stage in product life cycle, productivity, etc. The research shows that the high salary for the R&D staff is not enough as motivation.
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