Annotated Bibliography: Brand Loyalty from a Multi-Faceted Perspective

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Annotated Bibliography Brand Loyalty from a Multi-faceted Perspective ORGA 201 Introduction to Management Section OP51 Max Su (1762788) Instructor: Rob Dean Brand loyalty is the ‘Holy Grail’ to all marketing organizations. Marketing practitioners are consumed by it. They search. They try. They dream. They want to achieve the ultimate in brand loyalty, making it so airtight that no competition can lure their consumers from their brands of products. Unfortunately, there is no one-size-fit-all methodology. Competition is dynamic. There’s no way to accurately anticipate what the creativity of their competitors can bring to the marketplace, which can lead to…show more content…
The authors describe ethical burden as the necessity of company to charge real cost of doing business, ensure quality of products and services and develop strong customer relations. The focus group study with a sample of 50 business professionals contends that by managing ethical burden with continuous advertising, it can lead to creating positive brand image and hence, brand loyalty, that will sustain the brand in the long term through repeat buying phenomena. Babur is an Assistant Professor and Principal at ISRA University, Islamabad Campus Pakistan. Naveed is a Senior Research Associate at Riphah International University, Islamabad Pakistan. There are 15 references in this article. The authors use these references to elaborate on concepts relating to marketing in regards to ethical burden, brand image, brand loyalty and, advertising in general. The results of the study indicate that a large portion of the repeat buying behavior is due to unexplained factors across purchasing occasions. The authors state that this study has a 72% of reliability, but did not show the calculation of how the number was derived. The written English is weak and some descriptions are not so clear. Despite this deficiency, this article provides marketing managers with another perspective to sustain brand loyalty. In regards to the 72% reliability, further research can incorporate quantitative methods of research to indentify outliers, which can lead to a more accurate

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