Annotated Bibliography: Current Trends in Technology Based Learning

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There are many trends in technology-based learning. These trends include mobile-based learning, app learning, open content, massive open online courses (MOOCs), virtual education, video conferencing, Web 2.0, district based e-learning, personal learning environments, blended learning, proctored exams, bundled platforms, cloud computing, object-oriented content, interactive whiteboards, documents cameras, wireless labs, and bring your own device. The first article Massive Open Online Courses: Should Educators Worry? by Gita Bajaj concentrates on Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) and their impact. The second article Spotlight on Accountability: As E-learning Moves Further into the K-12 Mainstream, it is Attracting Greater
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“This approach considers the student a motivated learner and the faculty a facilitator for learning. They challenge the 'sage on stage' and encourage the faculty to 'be the guide on the side'” (Bajaj). Additionally, Massive Open Online Courses allow class preparation, discussions, and practical learning. While some educators feel MOOCs are a threat to an educator, Gita Bajaj provides the examples of Wikipedia or the Khan Academy, where any professor could add a video courses. The author also mentions how one professor can influence millions of students by independently developing lectures and offer courses online. Although the article is set in New Delhi, India and discussed how Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) can help college professors in India, MOOCs can also help elementary educators in the classroom. As Bajaj says, “If you are 'guide by the side' kind who is struggling to have the students read up more and be better prepared for discussions on application, then it's time to switch to blended classrooms where you could add quality material or videos from the MOOCs to the course pack and have a more enriched discussion in the classroom. If you are the 'writing kinds', it's time to ink your thoughts as more and more students and learners use online learning” (Bajaj). In elementary classrooms, more and more classes are blended. Khan Academy
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