Annotated Bibliography: ERP Best Practices

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Research Paper: ERP Best Practices
Annotated Bibliography
Sridevi Veluru
CSCI 660 - Computers in Commerce 10/02/2016

Today Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) is extensively adopted by many organizations regardless of kind and size, mainly because it provides enterprise-wide view of information across all their business operations and help organizations achieve consistency across all their functional departments. The potential benefits of ERP system implementation include improved coordination across functional areas, increased efficiency, reduced operational costs, rapid access to information for decision making, managerial control and support for strategic planning.
Successful ERP implementation offers standardization,
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(2011). Factors affecting ERP system implementation effectiveness. Journal of Ent Info Management, 25(1), 60-78. doi:10.1108/17410391211192161
This article presents an empirical study on the factors and issues concerning ERP system implementation effectiveness. Their study argues that consultant support and knowledge transfer are two key factors for ERP system success. Their study has dual impact, one it offers important guidelines to companies implementing an ERP system and on the other hand it offers a coherent framework that thoroughly investigates the process of an effective ERP system implementation. Given the influence of ERP systems on business success, the contributions of the paper are significant for both practitioners and academics.

Ram, J., Corkindale, D., & Wu, M. (2013). Implementation critical success factors (CSFs) for ERP: Do they contribute to implementation success and post-implementation performance?. International Journal of Production Economics, 144(1), 157-174.
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This article has fairly covered an overview of Enterprise information systems and suggested management solutions for the improvement of the technical and economic efficiencies of the business operations using ERP systems. This article is a helpful source for identifying the benefits and economic effectiveness of ERP systems implementation.
Umble, E., Haft, R., & Umble, M. (2003). Enterprise resource planning: Implementation procedures and critical success factors. European Journal of Operational Research, 146(2), 241-257. doi:10.1016/s0377-2217(02)00547-7
This article presents a clear understanding of the critical success factors, software selection steps and implementation procedures involved in successful ERP system implementation. This article majorly covers topics regarding evolution, benefits and significance and pitfalls of the ERP systems as well as critical success factors and ERP system selection. This article is a helpful resource for getting an overview of the implementation procedures and critical success factors of ERP systems and companies can use this as a powerful tool to develop strategies and techniques to manage their
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