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Williams, A BTM7101-8 Annotated Bibliography 6 Kozub, R. M. (2010). An ANOVA Analysis Of The Relationships Between Business Students’ Learning Styles And Effectiveness of Web Based Instruction. Based upon the journalist research of web based learning environment and different learning styles; it seems that web based learning environment is an excellent…show more content…
Research is conducted to examine different points of views of the importance of performance outcomes in a construction project in Hong Kong. ANOVA was used to analyse the data relative to how the performances were measured. Performances were measured using a performance criteria starting with the most important first, which is time. Timely completion of a project would prevent loss of revenue and penalities to the contractor. Lai and Lam noted that construction projects require concise planning, and are divided between the consultant and the contractor. However, each party plays a significant part in the projects’ success. The difference between the client and the contractor; the client usually push for timely completion and would offer an incentive bonus for timely completion, however, the contractor would prefer a reasonable duration of time, therefore to avoid penalities to the contractor. The client, consultant, and the contractor, all parterner together to make the project a success by bringing job satisfaction, quality, safety, environment, generation of innovative ideas, performance criteria, and effectiveness to the project. Avoiding any mishaps that will delay or keep the project from running smoothly. Williams, A

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