Annotated Bibliography: Florida State Department of Health and Rehabilitative Services

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Components of quality HIV/STD prevention & human sexuality education. Report of the HIV/STD prevention & human sexuality task force. Tallahassee, FL:
This article focuses on what comprises an effective and efficient preventative education program as it relates to HIV/STD prevention relative to sexual activity. Techniques of teaching are taught to reinforce the behaviors and activities that lead to the spread of HIV and AIDS.
Francis, S. A., Lam, W. K., Cance, J. D., & Hogan, V. K. (2009). What's the 411?
Assessing feasibility of providing African-American adolescents with HIV/AIDS prevention education in a faith-based setting. Journal of Religion & Health, 48(2),
This article focuses on the use of faith-based education to educate African-American youth on the topic of HIV and AIDS prevention up to and including drug use and sexuality activity as opposed to a more secular approach.
Jones, P. R., Sheppard, M. A., & Snowden, C. B. (2010). Impact of poison prevention on the knowledge and behavior of seniors. American Journal of Health
Education, 41(3), 139-146.
This article focuses on avoiding seniors engaging in behaviors and activities that can lead to poison-related death. The most common culprit is over-use or mis-use of medication but this article explores that and several other dimensions.
Kann, L., Brener, N., & McManus, T. (2012).…
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