Annotated Bibliography For Criminal Justice

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Annotated Bibliography #3 .gov

Working Research Question: Should the U.S. Judical branch take action to prevent wrongful convictions and improve police investigations, or should the government spend its time and resources on other things?

Bibliographic Entry: LaPorte, G. Wrongful Convictions and DNA Exonerations: Understanding the Role of Forensic
Science. Retrieved September 24, 2017, from

Source Summary: A review of false convictions that involved forensic science and can help identify critical lessons for forensic scientists as they perform testing, interpret results, render conclusions, and testify in court from the national institute of justice.

Source Evaluation:
The National Institute of Justice (NIJ) is a research, development and evaluation agency of the U.S. Department of Justice. They dedicated to improving the understanding of criminal justice issues through science. NIJ provides objective an d independent knowledge and tools to inform the people making the decisions of the criminal justice community to reduce crime and advance justice, particularly at the state and local levels. This is a very credible source considering it is a government resource ao the information on the page must be throughly reviewed and approved.Gerry LaPorte is the Director of NIJ’s Office of Investigative and Forensic Sciences and also the author of this article. This article has slight
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