Annotated Bibliography: How Exercise Boosts Your Brainpower

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Annotated Bibliography
Asp, Karen. "How Exercise Boosts Your Brainpower." Active, n.d. Mon. 20 Mar. 2017.
A study conducted by Harvard Medical School regarding on how could exercise help your brain and what kind of exercise will help your brain to have a better result. In this article, we learn that exercises can help your brain and can also help your memory. The researchers examined different people to try to understand what exercises could help your brain using 30 minutes section. In this study, the researchers randomly evaluate people doing exercises like cardio and compared their memory and their productivity with those that didn’t any type of exercises.
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Most of the time we think that the physically stronger have the higher chances to win the game. But in most of the sports don’t only use your body, but also you have to make strategies and moves that would help you win, which it is obvious that we need our brains to do this. In the article, the researchers wanted to know what group of students could cross the streets faster without running. They took two different groups of college athletes and nonathletes students to see who can go to the other side of the street quickly. In this article we can learn that our brains play a huge role in our physical…show more content…
They want to find out the results of two group of students. Sports are just more than a physical activity as shown in the results of the study. Researchers in China claims that, “Professional badminton players, when shown video clips of a match, could predict with uncanny accuracy where the shuttlecock would land. While watching the videos, they also displayed considerably more electrical activity in brain areas associated with attention and memory than recreational players did”. The point of this quote is that by watching old videos the players were able to identificated what they need or what they have to do in order to win or improve their games. It is because they would analyze the situation better so they can make any move that they need in order to win or improve their
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