Annotated Bibliography: Internal Control for Information Security

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Internal Control for Information Security: Annotated Bibliography Making the case for Network Security. (2012, Apr 19). Retrieved from Wikibon Blog: This author addresses the central concerns regarding information security in the modern business world using broad strokes to make the importance of network security as a key business operation readily apparent to the reader. As the article is addressed primarily on business managers and other practically interested personnel, the language is a bit too full of professional jargon and other needless complications, however the basic facts that the author lays out and the conclusions drawn from these facts and their relationship are quite straightforward and clear. Though not providing any truly in-depth and concrete data or profound insights, this presents overview information that is directly related to the investigation of network and information security. Information: Complying with the Safeguards Rule. (n.d.). Retrieved from Bureau of Consumer Protection: customer-information-complying-safeguards-rule This government-produced document outlined what constitutes a financial institution as far as the rules for safeguarding consumers' financial information is concerned. After providing this overview definition of different types of institutions that must comply with the safeguard rules, a broad description of the rules

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