Annotated Bibliography Of A Computer Lab

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Name: Masuma Hossain Observe the use of technology in your school and answer the questions below. 1. Does the school have a computer lab? If so, which grades use it and how often do they use it? From my observation, P.S. 152 has a computer lab with 35 computers. The media library has 5 computers and 15 laptops. The school also has 8 laptop carts (Apple) filled with 15-20 laptops. All grades use both lab and library plus have access to laptops. The whole school grades K-5th (except Pre-K) use the computer lab at least once a week. I am doing my observation in a first-grade classroom and they only go to the computer lab once a week for 45 minutes. The class teacher mentioned that the school receives “RESOLUTION A” Grant from DOE…show more content…
I observed a science unit lesson in the classroom that is reinforced by the use of technology. For example, students started a science unit with the life cycle of a butterfly. In technology class, students were instructed to explore the life cycle of animals by using the Portaportal, which is a web based bookmarking utility that teachers use to bookmark key websites and books students can read online. They were also allowed to watch videos on learn360 about the life cycle a butterfly. Upon returning to the class, students habitually use this prior knowledge to reconnect to the teacher’s lesson. Students also use i-Ready, an engaging online assessment and instruction program for math and reading and myON, an online literacy program that reinvents the ways in which students and teachers interact with text by providing an instant access to a library of more than 10,000 enhanced digital books with multimedia supports, and reading tools. Both i-Ready and myON engage students in a fun and interactive online learning. The programs reinforce early reading skills and enable children to experience exponential literacy growth. 3. Are there computers in your classroom? What kinds of software programs are available on the classroom computers? How are the computers used? There are two Apple laptops in my observed classroom. The software that they
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