Annotated Bibliography Of Batman

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Annotated Bibliography: Batman, the greatest super hero of all time?
Scott Vollum, Cary D. Adkinson. The Portrayal of Crime and Justice in the Comic Book Superhero Mythos. College of Criminal Justice Sam Houston State University, 2003 Journal of Criminal Justice and Popular Culture, 10(2) (2003) 96-108
This source discusses relation between crime and justice in two of most popular superheroes Batman and Superman. The article talks about the different societies and environments that the superheroes reside in. Batman belonging to a large crime invested Gotham city and Superman residing in New York City after coming to earth after his home planet was destroyed. This article also is quick to point out these two characters were brought about
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This source gives a good intake on how a person’s point of view and the targeted audience can play a big role in how the character is viewed upon. I plan on using this source’s context on publication and target audience to make points in my essay on how it affects Batman’s image.
Darowski, Joseph J. The American Way: What Superman, Batman, Spider-Man, and the X-Men Reveal about America. N.p. 2006.
This source discusses the most popular superheroes and how they relate in their own given time period. It makes connections with the major time periods in and the location of the publications. For my essay I intend to use the time period and publication locations to show relation in the societies culture through their superheroes. This source is also very credible being that the author Joseph Darowski has not only a BA and MA, but a PHD as well. He’s written 15 other books that been published.
Vilja Johnson. The Journal of Popular Culture, Vol. 47, No. 5, 2014 Wiley Periodicals, Inc. “Its What You Do that Defines You:” Christopher Nolan’s Batman as Moral Philosopher. Pg.
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