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Prebish, Charles S., and Damien Keown. Buddhism the Ebook : An Online Introduction. 4th ed. State College: Journal of Buddhist Ethics Online, 2010. PDF. , $27.75, ISBN 978-0-9801633-6-0 Background Information Charles S. Prebish was Professor Emeritus of Religious Studies at Pennsylvania State University from 1971 to 2006. Upon retiring from Pennsylvania State University, he served as the first holder of the Charles Redd Endowed Chair in Religious Studies at Utah State University where he also served as the Director of Religious Studies Program until 2010. His formal studies were focused on early Indian Buddhism, however after paying close attention to the disciplinary literature known as Vinaya and the development of the monastic system, he began studying the development of Buddhism in North America. He maintained these interests throughout his career and wrote over twenty books and hundreds of articles. He has gained a reputation as a pioneer in the study of Western forms of Buddhism over his career. In addition, Prebish has been an active member of numerous professional societies. He was one of the initial officers of the International Association of Buddhist Studies, and was a co-founder of the Buddhism section of the American Academy of Religion. Damien Keown is a well-known bioethicist and authority on Buddhist bioethics. He earned a Ba in religious studies at the University of Lancaster in 1977 and DPhil from the Faculty of Oriental Studies at Oxford University in

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