Annotated Bibliography Of Ernest Hemingway 's ' A Farewell Of Arms '

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Introductory Information A Farewell To Arms by Ernest Hemingway Novel Published in 1929 during the series of battles between Austria-Hungary and Italy during WWI. The protagonist in this story is Lt. Frederic Henry who happens to be the narrator is an American ambulance driver who is in the Italian army during WWI. Although he is courageous and heroic, Henry does not want any part in boasting about medals and such. Henry meets a girl named Catherine and it changes his aspect on love, and we see his character transform into new perspectives throughout the book. Henry is a good caregiver and leader among his peers also. The antagonist in this book is World War I. The war plays a significant role in the plot and, other than the baby of course, is the only thing that really bothers the protagonist at any time. The book is centered around the title A Farewell to Arms, and how the protagonist can further remove himself from the battlefield and transform into a different person. The part of the war Henry analyzes is his time as a ambulance driver during a very bloody campaign in WWI, where over a million were killed in total. So not only did the war physically affect people, such as blowing off the main character 's leg, but it affected people emotionally. Lt. Frederic Henry, an ambulance driver in the Italian army during WWI, takes a winter leave from the front and soon is introduced by an English nurse, Catherine Barkley. Although she is is grief due to the passing of her fiance

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