Annotated Bibliography Of Public Administration

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Annotated Bibliography
Braheem Hartley
PPA512 Communication for Public Administrator




The purpose of this annotated bibliography is to bring further understanding to the sources that will be used as a part of my research. My research focuses on the protection of community and how public administrators can do to further implement to further influence protection of the community, through its encounter with the public. In this research, I choose 15 sources that support my thoughts in this research process. Along with these sources, you will find several additional point of discussion. First, my annotations will explain on why those sources are useful to me. Second, I go into detail on my own ideas about what makes them
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More importantly, kirlin questions: “what are the big questions which should concern practitioners and students of public administration?” The author recently offered three big questions of public management, involving micromanagement, motivation, and measurement. Kirlin argues that the big questions of public administration in a democracy are different from those of public management and develops four criteria by which to judge big questions. This writing is important simply because the authors bring issues of effective management among administrators. As society continues to change organization is important between leaders, administrators, and the public is important. The author offers multiple alternatives as he brings multiple questions to the table in reference to in-effectivity. Furthermore, kirlin offers his thoughts that are important as administrators focus on community protection. I feel that administrators can take away a lot from my research with this authors work
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