Annotated Bibliography Of Social Psychology

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This source was written by Madelijn Strick, Rob W. Holland, Rick Van Baaren, and Ad Van Knippenberg. Madelijn Strick is a psychologist at Utrecht University and has a PhD in social psychology. She works at Radboud University teaching social influences and consumer behavior. Her main interest is in human emotions and decision making. She was awarded “best dissertation award” of the Dutch Association of Social Psychology. She and along with the other authors are trying to figure out how people make personal decisions. This shows her credibility for writing this article. Rob W. Holland also has a PhD from Radboud University and is a professor in Nijmegen. He was also awarded the “best dissertation award” for his research on the influence of attitudes and behaviors as a function of motivational orientation.…show more content…
His interest are social influence and interpersonal behavior. Ad Van Knippenberg also has a PhD and was a professor at the University of Groningen, until becoming professor of social psychology at the University of Nijmegen. His interests are social cognition, emotions, and memory. This article is very credible because all of the writers have a PhD in psychology and are professors for psychology. Therefore, this article is in their subject area. When looking at the article, you could also recognize that it is reliable because of the list of references they offer at the end of the article. There is also information about each of the authors backgrounds and expresses some of their achievements. This source can be found in the academic Journal of General Psychology from the publishing company Taylor & Francis
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