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Mary Margaret Neel
Annotated Bibliography

Auer, Leopold. Violin playing as I teach it, New York: Frederick A. Stokes Company, 1921.
Famed violin pedagogue, Leopold Auer, provides a detailed account of his experience in violin playing. It is written as an autobiography with personal observations and anecdotes from his career as a violinist and teacher. Later in the book, Auer gives advice about violin technique and performance that reads like an instruction manual.

Bertsch, D. L. "The relationship between transformational and transactional leadership of symphony orchestra conductors and organizational performance in U.S. symphony orchestras." Master’s thesis, Capella University, 2008. Accessed November 17, 2015. ProQuest Dissertations
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Michael Mauskapf explores the changes within concert audience in recent years and how the orchestra is plays both innovative and archaic roles within the community. Has formality surpassed the needs of modern audiences? Mauskapf notes that the orchestra is catering to a culture that is soon to die out and that being an “elite” organization with lead to its demise.

Perrine, William M. "Julian Johnson, Who Needs Classical Music? Cultural Choice and Musical Value." Philosophy Of Music Education Review 22, no. 1 (2014): 96-100.
This article discusses the world’s need for classical music and why it will always be relevant. The author explores what makes certain things “art” and why certain other things are simply entertainment. He claims that classical music can never die because it is fundamentally different from many other types of popular music. It defines what makes art different from entertainment and answers the age old question of who gets to judge between them. In an age that dooms classical music to inevitable failure, this article offers a refreshing different perspective in a much more hopeful light.

Rosenberg, Donald. The Cleveland Orchestra Story: Second to None. Cleveland: Gray &, 2000.
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